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Elevate your development to unparalleled heights with Python. Its intuitive syntax and vast library ecosystem streamline your workflow, accelerate innovation and sharpen your competitive edge.

Looking to migrate your SAS code to Python? - We have you covered!

  • SAS2PY

Migration Steps


Analysing SAS script - deriving input and output tables, SAS log

Automated summary lineage

Code Conversion

Schema generation

SAS2PY auto converted PySpark code

Manual conversion & Code refactoring

Validation &

Unit testing

Validation- count/no of rows etc

Data reconciliation with existing report/output table

Validation and reconciliation framework

Integrate & Deployment

Integration with DB and apps

Integration Testing


UAT & Signoff

Business verification

Signoff based on recon reports & verification


Deploy to prod

Parallel run

Job Scheduling run


Performance Tuning & Optimizations

Decommission Planning


Migration Steps



Analyze, Summarize
and Catalog



Generate Pandas & PySpark Code



Unit Tests, Data Validations



Cloud, Database, Connectivity & more...



Training, Transition, Job, Orchestration, Support

How it Works!


Step 1

Analyze legacy code using our engine


Step 2

Convert legacy code to Python code


Step 3

Execute and reconcile generated .PY code

Conversion Engine

Quickly Analyze 1,000s of Scripts

Identifying Errors, Inefficiences and Potential Security Risks


Static code analysis and data lineage of all code including SQLs

Convert Millions of Lines of Code

Automated Code Conversion, Better, Faster and More Accurate


Static code analysis and data lineage of all code including SQLs


PEP257 compliant self documentation for all generated code

Remarkably Accurate!

Ensures Code Adheres to Specific Rules and is Error Free

Integrations +more

AWS EMR + SageMaker

Enhance scalability and performance by transitioning your data transformation operations to PySpark, enabling seamless handling of petabyte-scale datasets, and leverage Scikit-Learn or TensorFlow for advanced machine learning models, integrated with SageMaker for streamlined deployment and superior analytics.

Azure HDInsights + ML

Elevate your data analytics and machine learning capabilities by adopting PySpark for data transformation, effortlessly managing petabyte-scale datasets, while harnessing the power of Scikit-Learn or TensorFlow models, seamlessly integrated with Azure ML for cutting-edge insights and streamlined deployment.

Google DataProc + AI

Maximize your data processing and machine learning potential by migrating data transformation workflows to PySpark, ensuring scalability for petabyte-scale data, and adopting Scikit-Learn or TensorFlow for robust machine learning models, perfectly integrated with Google AI Platform for enhanced efficiency and innovative analytics.

Lightning Fast

  • 100,000 lines of code in 10 minutes
  • Docker Based Product
  • 100% API Driven
  • Clean PYTHON Code

Highly Secure

  • Nothing Leaves your Network
  • Ultimate Sheild for your Data
  • Open-Source, Zero Footprint
  • Continous Integration & Secure

Easy to Use

  • Simple Pricing
  • SAS to Pandas & PySpark
  • 50+ SAS Procs
  • 95% Conversion Out-of-the-box

Clean Code, Fast Conversions, Can't lose!


Reduce Expenses

Reduce SAS licensing, leverage cutting edge technology.


Lightning Fast

Experience 3x to 10x faster conversion rates with SAS2PY.


Clean Code

Achieve a remarkable +95% automation, saving time and money.


New Technology Options

Enhance the capabilities of your current data scientists for the new wave of AI, primarily driven by Python technologies.


Cloud Migration

It is a breeze with our built-in support for all 3 public cloud platforms as well as Databricks, Snowflake and other platforms.


Competitive Advantage

Empower your team with access to advanced technology to elevate your product and exceed customer expectations.


We can work directly with you or through a partner or system integrator of your choice to ensure seamless integration and support.

Software + Support

  • Comprehensive software package including conversion tools for SAS to Python.
  • Full documentation and test data provided with the converted code.
  • Dedicated support team available to assist with any issues or queries.

Professional Services

  • Additional professional services for cloud migration and operationalization on AWS, Azure, Cloudera, Databricks or Google Cloud.
  • Expert assistance with migrating legacy SAS code to python.
  • Industry best practices and strategic guidance for cloud modernization.

Meet our experts

Team Photo


Sid Alla

Founder & CTO

Sreenivas Navuluri

Chief Operating Officer

Seshidhar Reddy

Head of Project Management

Ravi Mutyala

Head Of Engineering

Ravi Alla

Managing Director

Jaffreen Sultana

Human Resources Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Migrate Your SAS Code to Python?

Unlock the future with automated conversion! Save time, cut costs, and focus on strategic growth.
- Slash SAS licensing costs instantly!
- Transform your team with cutting-edge Python skills, leading the AI revolution.
- Experience a 7x boost in conversion speed.
- Seamlessly migrate to the cloud with our support for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
- Integrate MLOps effortlessly across all major platforms.

Dive deep into your SAS code with our Analyzer! Get comprehensive insights and uncover hidden inefficiencies. See your code in a whole new light.

Trace every step with our Lineage module! Understand the data flow in your SAS code like never before. Make informed decisions with clear insights.

Absolutely! Our robust validation framework ensures that your SAS output matches perfectly with the converted Python code. Trust in accuracy.

Your data security is our top priority! All data and code remain within your environment, ensuring ultimate protection and peace of mind.

Time is of the essence! Our automated tools drastically reduce the migration time. Depending on the complexity and volume of your SAS code, the process can be completed in days rather than months. Our engine is so fast it can process 100k lines of sas code in 10 minutes including conversion to python code.

We're with you every step of the way! Our expert support team is available during the entire migration process and beyond to ensure a smooth transition and to address any issues that may arise.

Empower your team! We offer comprehensive training sessions to upskill your team, ensuring they are proficient in Python and can fully leverage the new system's capabilities.

Precision is key! Our automated tools minimize human error, ensuring a highly accurate conversion process. This leads to reliable and consistent results, enabling you to trust your new Python codebase.

Absolutely! Our advanced algorithms are designed to handle even the most complex SAS code, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration to Python without losing any critical functionality.

Invest in the future! Our pricing is competitive and offers significant cost savings compared to manual conversion. Contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific requirements.

Seamless integration! Our migration software is designed to be compatible with various environments. Whether you are using on-premises servers or cloud infrastructure, our solution fits right in. Detailed system requirements are available upon request.

Data integrity is paramount! We employ rigorous validation checks and reconciliation processes to ensure that your data remains intact and accurate throughout the migration process.

While ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs) are powerful tools for natural language processing, they often lack the precision required for code migration. Advanced parsing techniques offer several advantages:

  • Accuracy: Our advanced parsers are specifically designed to understand and convert complex SAS code into Python, ensuring a higher level of accuracy.
  • Consistency: Unlike LLMs, which can produce variable results, our parsers provide consistent and reliable output every time.
  • Minimal Post-Processing: With ChatGPT, you might spend significant time fixing generated code. Our solution minimizes the need for post-processing, saving you time and effort.
  • Specialization: Our tools are specialized for code migration, incorporating domain-specific knowledge that LLMs may lack.
  • Efficiency: Our parsers are optimized for speed and efficiency, making the migration process faster and more reliable.
Trust in our advanced parsing techniques to deliver precise and dependable results, streamlining your migration process and reducing the workload on your development team.